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The company was founded in 1992 with the inaugural production of 'Parazone Future.' The company members have interests in futurism, spiritual topics/personal self-actualization, idiosyncratic style, holism, and group dynamics. 


The Parahumans performed in London, England in 1995 in The Resolution Festival at The Place and later toured England (Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire) in 2002 and 2003 (grant from Foreign Affairs & International Trade, Canada). The company has performed in Canada's Fringe Festival of Independent Dance Artists (fFIDA) many times and in festivals and productions in Toronto (Dance Ontario DanceWeekend), Guelph (Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival), and Hamilton (Art Gallery of Hamilton). 


The company has a strong focus on supporting emerging local dance artists - professional and pre-professional, in varied productions such as - 'Experimental Solo Dance Showcase'; '21 Chopin Nocturnes'; 'The 77 Minute Dance improve'; 'coexisDance'; 'Short Dances/New Blue Festival.' Innovative past projects have included - 'Boy Dancer' - a 47-minute documentary film involving young boys learning and performing hip hop dance, which received the Fan's Award at the 2011 New York - Long Island film festival'; Dance for Parkinson's choreography to help patients strengthen movement and regenerate brain tissue; Plato Was A Raver (2001/2011), a 20-section dance story. 

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