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the Parahumans presents

Dance Alchemy

an independent showcase

About the show

The Dance Alchemy showcase at Ontario Contact will feature excerpts from 3 recent solos and one 18-minute group dance. 

Alchemy has been identified in the past with chemical change, transformation, and a mixing of compounds. In the works presented here, the ingredients are: body, space, flow, dynamics and relationships, equating in a similar way to earth, air, water, fire, spirit (mystery). 

The three solos take dance in specific historical contexts and re-format the aesthetics 'of the day' in a new way. The group dance transforms over time, through three sections of music. 

Date: September 12, 2019

Time: 7:30pm-8:05pm

Location: Robertson Hall, FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre, 250 St Paul St., St Catherines

"Art is Alchemy."

Elle Nicolai

"Nothing is really lost and wasted in this alchemical dance of life."

Robin Sacredfire

Booking Details

Though we are showcasing new work at Ontario Contact, with a view to it, or parts of it, touring in some format (see performance details above) during 2020, any of the above projects are available for booking if Presenters have a particular preference or desire custom-fit. 

Our touring shows begin at 2 soloists minimum and move up to several dancers (male and female); we are also open to including local dancers, children, teens, and amateurs in some devised performances. Our rates align with those suggested by CanDance and CADA (Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists). We can also lead workshops and/or teach repertoire in schools as well as giving lecture-demonstrations and performances. Dave Wilson has formerly organized 'dance in schools' (Contemporary/Jazz/Hip hop/Ballet/Creative) for many years while at McMaster University as part of his community outreach responsibilities.

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Who are the Parahumans?

The Parahumans were founded in Toronto in 1992 by Artistic Director Dave Wilson (McMaster University Dance Professor for 30 years/11 years Board Member of Dance Ontario). The company has appeared at many Toronto venues as well as festivals at Hamilton and Guelph, besides touring England twice. Wilson has also toured Sweden (twice) and Australia with Remote Control, and USA with his McMaster University Dance Company. The innovative and inderdisciplinary company generates ideas first, then finds the movement/dance to fit the style needed - thus the self-defined use of the term 'post-contemporary' to define its broad performance aesthetic. 

Besides varied choreography, the company designs events, films, collaborations, improvisations, health care applications for dance, etc. For example:

1. 21 Chopin Nocturnes (Dance for all 21 Nocturnes totaling 2 hours)

2. New Jazz Dance Improvisations (9 dancers in solos/trios/groups to jazz music classics)

3. Boy Dancer - Fans Choice Award for Dance documentary - New York Long Island Film Festival

4. Wake Up: the 77 Minute Dance Improv

5. Plato was a Raver (20 section production with dancers/actors)

6. Gestural Choreography for clients with McMaster University's Parkinson's Project

7. Angels & Humans (10 minutes) - a commission for Clay & Paper's family show in Dufferin Grove Park

8. Tragicom Dance Theatre - 3 dance theatre pieces, text and choreography by Dave Wilson

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Patino Cruz


Dave Wilson

Artistic Director

Amanda Meadows


Yui Ugai


Lauren Runions


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